Lawyer For Soldiers – The Law Office of Dylan Hayre, Esq.
Representing Veterans and Military Families
Massachusetts Criminal Defense & Family Law Attorney

> Focuses on representing veterans
> Builds networks with veterans services providers

> Advocates for veterans beyond the courtroom
> Represents civilian clients, as well
> Innovative business practices = low fees for all cases
> Admitted to practice law…

  • in the state of Massachusetts;
  • in the District of Massachusetts for the United States District Court; and
  • as an Attorney Representative in the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs


At Lawyer for Soldiers, Attorney Dylan Hayre works tirelessly to provide quality legal representation to soldiers, veterans, and their families. For the men and women who risked everything to defend our nation, the least we can do for them is make sure that they have a strong and loyal advocate by their side when they need one. Not only does Attorney Hayre represent our men and women in uniform, but he places a high priority on building networks and strong working relationships with other individuals who work with veterans in a number of fields. Attorney Hayre understands that soldiers and veterans often need a wide array of services, and he works hard to help put you in touch with people who can provide those services. Attorney Hayre is not just your lawyer – he is your ally and stands with you before, during, and after each of your court appearances.

While Attorney Hayre focuses primarily on representing veterans and military families in civil and criminal litigation, he also represents civilian clients, and handles all matters on a flat fee or contingent fee basis. By keeping overhead costs to a minimum, Attorney Hayre is able to offer low, reasonable fees to all of his clients.

Being involved in any way within our legal system can be an overwhelming, confusing, and often time-consuming process. You need someone who not only understands how our system works, but is also willing to sit down with you and explain that process clearly and thoroughly.

As a former intern and prosecutor in two of the largest District Attorney’s offices in Massachusetts as well as at a legal services provider, Attorney Hayre uses his experiences to guide each client through every step of the legal process. Attorney Hayre works one-on-one with his clients throughout their case, making sure that their rights and obligations are understood and their interests are protected. Attorney Hayre always stands ready to prepare any case for an aggressive trial process if necessary, and makes sure his clients understand all the options that are available.

Attorney Hayre will not hand your case off to an associate or a paralegal. When you hire A Lawyer for Soldiers to represent you, you work exclusively with Attorney Hayre.

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